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Self Esteem
Positive Influence

Martha Rosenberry, President


Perfect Image
Leadership Foundation
1905 Terminal Drive
Richland, WA 99354

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Perfect Image Leadership Foundation is dedicated to the development of self-esteem in young people. The goal is to provide a program that will instill traditional values, such as etiquette and leadership skills, to enable young people to interact in social settings in the community and work environments.

The Foundation is organized exclusively for educational purposes. The target audience for this program is high school and early college level students with a desire to improve their ability to interact positively with peers, mentors, educators, and potential employers.

The Foundation not only provides a program to instill etiquette and leadership skills in students, it also works with local employers interested in hiring young people for their technical abilities and soft skills. As a result, young people get higher paying, better quality jobs and the employers get employees who exhibit leadership and can interact with the public in a positive manner.

As a community, we are able to take stress off the state welfare system and volunteer organizations supporting the chronically poor, thereby helping to relieve generational welfare. The impact of instilling self-esteem in young people, who will use these values to help others rise to a better quality of life, is beyond measure.

Perfect Image Leadership Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization